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Case Studies


A research project aimed at developing a new process for improved quality assurance and shorter throughput times in production by means of photonics has obtained a 50% subsidy for development and equipment costs.

Terms of reference

A group consisting of research institutions and several SMEs is planning to develop a process that is able to detect and evaluate flaws in the surface (cracks) of steel bodies in a fully automated procedure using multiple inspection methods. This leads to improved quality assurance and shorter throughput times in production. It requires research into new possibilities in optics and the use of existing options.


Following an intensive workshop with the managing directors and a subsequent analysis phase, CMP, working in cooperation with the client, submitted a funding application, including a comprehensive proposal, to the VDI. The new process will enable unit quantities of more than 1 million parts a year to be inspected for quality defects in a reliable, fully automated process, delivering considerable improvements in quality assurance.


A subsidy of 50% was provided for the €1,600,000 in development and equipment costs for the project, an interdisciplinary cooperation between industry, the Frauenhofer Institute in Stuttgart and experts in photonics/light.