How we work


The efficiency of our procedures stems from our many years of project experience and proximity to the market. But there are very specific areas of expertise that make our range of services comprehensive and successful:

We speak both the language of our clients and that of the funding providers. The areas of industry we focus on range from the automotive to the life sciences sectors.

We combine management experience with specialist knowledge from project financing, public funding, financing and equity procurement. That enables us to marry the needs of businesses with the requirements of the public sector, setting a single, clear course.

Developed, structured, tried and tested over years, our procedures are based on tools that we adapt and optimise to the particular objectives of each and every client. A further critical factor is that we can grasp and understand your project from the point of view of the engineer as well as that of the businessman.

We do so by combining the perspectives of technology and economy, producing a holistic view of your project right from the very start! We identify at an early stage how great the prospects of success are, and what alternative routes seem feasible. A fast and efficient process for your success.



Medical Technology

Technology Companies

Mechanical Engineering/­Production


Microsystem Technology



We focus solely and consistently on how companies can maintain and improve their market position, exploring opportunities for obtaining public funds and sensible financing. In doing so we follow clear, established practices between definition of the goals and the success of the project. These start with a free preliminary check of the funding options. Only if the prospects are positive do we expect an order.

To achieve the client's goals, we combine a wide range of know-how in the team while at the same time keeping processes and expenditure for our clients lean and economically manageable. We optimise your project, supporting and taking responsibility for it up to the proof of use and final report.

Given that the funding landscape is constantly being altered through guidelines, laws and parameters, we remain on the ball for our clients even after the project has come to an end so that we can spot any new options that may arise.

Deutz AG

„The consultants from CMP come with outstanding technical expertise, know their way round the funding market and have an excellent network of contacts. We have valued the advice and support offered by CMP for a number of years already.“

Christian Krupp
Senior Vice President Finance, Public & Investor Relations

Tailor-made solutions

Each company has its own unique profile, its own processes, needs and opportunities. That means projects for funding can only be one-offs that are crafted meticulously in a manufacturing process, as it were. Each project is as unique as its financing concept. We offer our clients customised advice with the aim of arriving at a tailor-made solution. The bandwidth of our clients is correspondingly large, extending from SMEs to corporate groups.


Right from the start, you will have a defined point of contact in coordination of the funding project and in process management.


We offer a professional network of different partners consisting both of ministries and project sponsors on the one side and banks, leasing companies and equity and debt capital providers on the other.

Should public funding programmes not be suitable, we can seek and offer further options for alternative forms of financing through this more extensive network.

A critical factor is that our remuneration is mainly linked to success, which means our clients always have a clear idea of their costs. And the success of our clients is the key to our success.

An ideal goal? More a state that CMP Financial Engineers reaches on two levels.


Whatever its size, a company will always feel the pressure to survive long-term in the global market through innovation and investment. Where companies face up to this pressure, we provide support in exciting projects. Full identification with the company is an essential prerequisite if we are to make a useful contribution.

Alongside a high level of commitment, we also attach importance to other values such as absolute discretion, trust and transparency.