CMP Financial Engineers – Wir führen durch den Dschungel der Fördermittelprogramme

Case Studies


Process innovation in production has enabled an automotive supplier to obtain 50% funding through the R&D programme of the Free State of Bavaria.

Terms of reference

A foreign company in the automotive supplier industry that is based in Bavaria has developed a new generation of ultrasonic sensors. Cutting-edge technologies are to be used in the industrial production of the sensor when developed. Networked processes and production facilities are to enable the development of a cloud-based production platform whose installations are connected to each other by means of intelligent process logistics. The digitally networked automation concept allows sensors to be manufactured flexibly and economically, which in turn leads to the discontinuation of the current linear manufacturing processes. Instead, the system enables the integration of various individually controllable production islands, so that the idle times of the installations can be reduced, the flow of materials optimised and cycle times ultimately shortened by 70%.


CMP prepared a comprehensive proposal based on two workshops with the responsible engineers of the client and the joint venture partner. This was optimised for two different programmes in a number of iteration loops. The outline focused on the energy and resource savings of the process to be developed, achieved by shortening cycle times alongside a simultaneous reduction in scrap. An outline concentrating on the electronic systems was produced in parallel. The application was submitted to both state programmes following consultation with the project sponsors responsible for the programmes. This entailed:

  • Examination of the development of the production process for innovation approaches in respect of the effects of energy saving and modern production methods in Bavaria
  • Examination of the demonstration character of the plant


Thanks to its innovation, the necessary development can be successfully subsidised by the corresponding R&D programme of the Free State as a demonstration project in the electronic systems sector. The total costs come to €4.8 million, with a funding ratio of 50%.

Sustainable development

The process innovation allows the company to more than halve the cycle times in sensor production while at the same time enhancing product quality. The modern manufacturing process enables the company to meet the future requirements on sensors for autonomous driving and thereby maintain the competitiveness of its plant in Bavaria.